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We believe that Aesthetic operations can be amazingly wonderful , tough and sometimes delicate that is why we work with well-experienced Doctors, and Professional Staff that devote their entire professionalism to our patients.

Well-experienced Doctors

Professional Medical Asistants

High-tech medical equipments


OwoClinic works to prepare a treatment program for cross-border patients who come to our country for health tourism, and our aim is to return our patients to their countries with good health and peace of mind. OwoClinic with its overseas and domestic patient unit is a health institution that increases the quality of life of the society, works for the satisfaction of their patients with an expert staff.

OwoClinic with its International Patient Unit has a principle to planning a privileged aesthetic treatment process for patients coming from abroad, from the consultancy services they will receive during and after their travels, to diagnosis, treatment, transportation, translation, and accommodation arrangements.

OwoClinic thinks as solution-oriented and ensures that their patients lead a healthier life all the time.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to access the right treatment, accurate diagnosis and other complementary treatment techniques to provide full health, God willing, self-development of patients, which in turn will give our customers and patients the opportunity to live calmly and reassure their health and family conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first clinic to provide a vision of the best possible outcomes for each patient by creating an integrated environment of doctors, consultants and clinics together in a single center providing all necessary services.

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