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What is Bichectomy?

Bishectomy refers to the removal of excess fat from the cheek to augment the cheekbones and make the facial contours more proportionate.

In order to give a more attractive and proportioned appearance to the face, fat is removed from inside the mouth, and full and chubby facial appearance, causing the patient discomfort, is resolved. This procedure, also called Hollywood cheek because it is preferred by Hollywood stars, reveals cheekbones and makes the face look thinner and provides a slim and youthful appearance.

How is bichectomy performed?

In bichectomy, i.e. cheek reduction surgery, an approximately 1 cm incision is made to reach the fat in that region and about 40-50% of the fat is removed.

How long does Bichectomy surgery take? Is Bichectomy surgery a painful procedure?

This operation, which is very simple and painless procedure, takes about 45 minutes. It can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia.

Who can have bichectomy?

Anyone who has thick, square or round face contours due to the fat in the cheek region can easily have this procedure. Bichectomy is recommended to people with fattening only in the cheek region although they are not overweight so that they acquire proportionate and esthetic facial contours.